Yerevan to host the first Duduk Festival

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Yerevan Duduk Festival will be held annually in Armenia, - reports the the Sputnik Armenia information agency. The festival will be held in Yerevan the first time from 9 to 11 October and will gather not only distinguished masters of duduk, but also beginning musicians. The main purpose of the Yerevan Duduk Festival is to remind the significance of this musical instrument for Armenians.

The program of the festival includes concerts of famous musician Georgiy Minasov and his ensemble “Duduki”, Emmanuel Ovannisyan with the band “Emotion”, Norayr Kartashyan and band “Menua”. For the next year, organizers are planning the performance by Djivan Gasparyan, a well-known Armenian musician and composer, connoisseur of Armenian national music.

Duduk is an Armenian wind instrument, recognized by the UNESCO as the Masterpiece of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Its haunting sound matches well with different instruments, thus used frequently not only in classic pieces but also in soundtracks to different films such as “Gladiator”, “The Passion of the Christ”, etc.