Syunik Landmarks, Armenia

Tatev Monastery

Tatev Monastery, Syunik Landmarks

The jewel of medieval Armenian architecture, Tatev, was constructed in the 9 th – 13 th centuries. The access to it is very complicated due to the terrain features. Nevertheless, the true lovers of unique ancient monuments do find ways to visit this masterpiece of medieval architecture.


Goris, Syunik Landmarks

The city of Goris is the oldest in the marz of Syunik. It is located in the mountain river Vararak valley in the southern part of Syunik volcanic upland.

Zorats Karer (Karaundzh)

Zorats Karer (Karaundzh), Syunik Landmarks

In Syunik marz next to Sisian there is one of the most well-known megalithic structures of Armenia named “Zorats Karer”. It is the prehistoric monument consisting of hundreds vertically set big 2 m stones – menghirs - with through holes in the top part. Armenians name it the “Armenian Stonehenge”.