Shirvanshah Palace Complex - Mausoleum

Mausoleum in Shirvanshah Palace Complex

Mausoleum in Shirvanshah Palace Complex, BakuThe third most significant monument of Shirvan Dynasty complex is the mausoleum of imperial dynasty. It is a large stone construction of rectangular shape crowned by the hexahedral dome. In the past the dome's faces were covered with turquoise enameling and hexactinal stars.

The inscription above the portal of the tomb placed among the engraved flowers and leaves, says: " the Greatest sultan, great Shirvanshah, the namesake of the prophet of the God, protector of religion, Khalilullah I ordered to build this light tomb for his mother and son in the year of 839".

Directly in the center of the tomb there are funeral slabs with a small dome. But the real burial places are hidden under the wooden floor of the tomb. During excavations the crypt with 5 burials was found: 3 of them were for adults and 2 - for children. All in all 14 burial places were found. The scientists confirmed the fact of Bikya-khanum, Khalillulah's mother, burial place as well as the burial places of other family members. Later the building of the tomb hosted a madrasah. 

Shirvanshah's Palace Complex, Baku