Private Sheki Tours

Sheki Tours, Azerbaijan

Private Sheki Tours and Exclusive Weekend Trips

Sheki tours will introduce you a city located in the picturesque mountains and considered one of the most ancient in the entire Caucasus. It is a hub of ancient crafts where you will visit local studios, watch the masters’ work and get souvenirs to remember the outstanding trip. There is also Sheki Khans Palace considered the most valuable monument of 18th century Azerbaijan.

Tour to Sheki and Lahij: Maraza village, Lahij, Sheki, Kish, Shamakha

Interesting tour to the western part of Azerbaijan where you will visit medieval palaces, learn important periods in the history of the country and experience everyday life of an ordinary mountain village.

Baku, Maraza village, Lahij, Sheki, Kish, Shamakhi
2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Azerbaijan tour: explore Shamakhi, Qabala, Sheki, Lahic, Ganja and more

Intensive and bright tour to the central part of Azerbaijan. Explore dozens of historical monuments: temples, mausoleums, palaces and fortresses. You will also enjoy the beauties of the nature travelling on the roads.

Shamakha, Lahij, Qabala, Kish, Sheki, Ganja
3 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Tour to Baku, Gobustan, Shamakhi, Lahij, Sheki and Kish

Treat yourself to the Azerbaijan cultural tour that opens up ancient, yet modern Azerbaijan. Exciting four-day tour will throw your mind from the ultramodern Azerbaijan capital Baku to the monument of prehistoric culture in Gobustan. You will visit the most touristy sights in Shamakhi, Lahij, Sheki and Kish.

Baku, Gobustan, Shamakhi, Lahij, Sheki, Kish
4 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Azerbaijan Tour to Baku, Absheron Peninsula, Gobustan, Khinalug, Lahij, Sheki, Kish, Shemakha

Discover Eastern Caucasus with an unforgettable 6 day Azerbaijan cultural tour. Here you will see unique natural monuments, historical and cultural sites; compare the rhythm of megapolis and peaceful life of beautiful villages.

Baku, Absheron Peninsula, Gobustan, Khinalug, Lahij, Sheki, Kish, Shamakhi
6 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (1)

Azerbaijan - Georgia Tour #3

From Baku to Sheki, Kakheti to Tbilisi, explore some of the most picturesque sites in Azerbaijan and Georgia. From modern glass skyscrapers to ancient churches, find something new and interesting in this 6-day Caucasus tour.

Azerbaijan, Georgia
6 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)

Tour to Baku, Absheron, Gobustan, Khinalug, Lahij, Sheki, Kish, Mingechevir, Ganja, Shemakha

Extended tour in Azerbaijan where you will see main sights of the country. You will visit historical monuments and unique natural objects as well as learning the works of Azerbaijani craftsmen and cooks.

Baku, Absheron Peninsula, Gobustan, Khinalug, Lahij, Gabala, Sheki, Kish, Mingechevir, Ganja, Shamakhi
8 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

8-day Azerbaijan Tour

The eight-day cultural tour in Azerbaijan offers an interesting route to the most popular destinations of the country.

Baku, Absheron Peninsula, Gobustan, Shamakhi, Lahij, Gabala, Kish, Sheki, Ganja, Naftalan
8 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Azerbaijan Small Group Tour 2019

This 8-day long small group Azerbaijan tour is an excellent offer if you wish to explore Land of Fire with like-minded people at a shared cost. Echo of ages, genuine mix of the Orient and the West, as well as natural wonders are awaiting you in Azerbaijan.

Baku, Absheron, Gobustan, Lahich, Kish, Shamakhi, Sheki, Goy-Gol Lake, Ganja
8 Days | May, September | Reviews (0)

Roundtrip Azerbaijan & Georgia Tour

From modern Baku to the petroglyphs of Gobustan to the intricate artisanship of Sheki, then through the mountains of Georgia (with stops at the churches perched on their slopes) to charming Tbilisi, this tour is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Azerbaijan, Georgia
8 Days | All year round | Reviews (0)

Azerbaijan tour to Baku, Absheron Peninsula, Shamakha, Lahij, Sheki, Kish, Ganja, Naftalan and Gobustan

Discover all the treasures of this magnificent Caucasus country with the 10 day trip.

Baku, Absheron Peninsula, Shamakhi, Lahic, Qabala, Sheki, Kish, Ganja, Naftalan, Gobustan
10 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Azerbaijan and Georgia Small Group Tour 2019-2020

Explore Oriental and Westernized Caucasus with Azerbaijan and Georgia group tour with 100% guaranteed departure dates. South Caucasus welcomes you with breathtaking nature, historical and architectural monuments, delicious cuisine, traditional wine, and many more.

Azerbaijan, Georgia
10 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Caucasus Essentials: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan

Take a fascinating 13-day Caucasus tour to explore beautiful nature and amazing history topped up with delish cuisine. During the tour you will visit the land of fire - Azerbaijan, welcoming Georgia and grand Armenia.

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia
13 Days | Spring, autumn | Reviews (0)

Caucasus Small Group Tour 2019-2020

Discover Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia with 16-day small group Caucasus tour with scheduled dates. Visit the most interesting sights and touristy spots of three countries of the South Caucasus.

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia
16 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)