Tour to Shipton’s Arch from Kashgar1 Day | Shipton’s Arch

Tour to Shipton’s Arch from Kashgar

Shipton’s Arch is roughly 70 km (44 miles) from Kashgar, and takes a couple hours by car and a couple hours by foot to reach. The arch is named after Eric Shipton, who served as the British consul in Kashgar in the 1940s. He visited the arch in 1947 and wrote about it in his book, Mountains of Tartary. Shipton’s Arch is often considered to be the highest natural stone arch in the world, though its exact height depends on how it’s measured. For many years, Shipton’s Arch was forgotten by the outside world, though it was brought back to the world’s attention in May 2000 with a National Geographic expedition. The height of Shipton’s Arch from the south side is 460 m (1,500 feet – roughly the height of the Empire State Building), and the top spans a total of 55 m (180 ft).

Tour itinerary:

The tour leaves Kashgar in the morning. Start by driving to the arch (70 km or 44 miles). You will need to hike an additional 4 km (2.5 miles) where there is no road, so make sure to wear hiking boots. After lunch, return to Kashgar.


Price includes:

  1. English speaking guide;
  2. Transport;
  3. Entry fees.

Tour price does not include:

  1. Meals;
  2. Tips are not included, but would be appreciated;
  3. Other expenses.

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