Solo Female Travel to Georgia

Georgia has slowly risen to fame for its unfathomable scenery and out-of-this-world cuisine. It is safe for solo female travelers and most people leave raving about the country to their friends who will later book a ticket to see the Caucasian country for themselves. While the benefits of traveling to Georgia far outweigh the challenges, the following addresses some of them in further detail:

Advantages of Solo Travel in Georgia

Georgia beholds natural beauty that entices travelers to trek through its mountain passes and lush green terrain. This beautiful country is the perfect destination to enjoy solo travel as escaping into nature and beauty is easily done. Allowing yourself to find peace through hiking or gliding down the slopes. The terrain is rugged, but there are many easy hikes you can enjoy by yourself or on independent travels.

Bodbe Monastery, Georgia
House Museum of Chavchavadze in Tsinandali, Georgia
Ali and Nino Statue in Batumi, Georgia

After a long day of trekking and exploration, nothing beats a hearty meal and luckily, Georgia is the perfect country to gorge yourself on amazing food. From their traditional steamed dumplings called khinkalli to a bowl of hearty lobio, the national dish, a stew made from beans, you will experience mind-blowing hospitality that will make you pine to stick around Georgia for a while longer.

Challenges of Travelling Alone in Georgia

As tourism is still a developing industry in Georgia, there are a few challenges that can arise for solo female travelers. Geopolitical history has left its scars on the country and without proper information, you run the risk of crossing into autonomous regions unwittingly. Local maps may not distinguish these regions as having its own border or even being an autonomous region. Not being aware of these can cause serious issues if you were to accidentally cross into one of the regions without permission.

Public transportation in the country is often unreliable and a relatively short distance can take a surprisingly lengthy amount of time to reach, especially if you need to wait for a marshrutka to fill all its seats up. Taxis are a viable form of transport within the country, but without local know-how or the ability to use regional taxi apps, you might struggle to find a reasonably priced taxi.

Uplistsikhe Cave City, Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia
Mtskheta, Georgia

The beautiful landscape in Georgia is a brilliant reason to plan a road trip throughout the country and explore it in depth. However, you may find the roads and driving styles to vastly differ to the standard that you are used to. This means self-driving can be a challenging and somewhat daunting experience, especially if you have not driven outside of your home country or region.

Solo Female Friendly Small Group Tours

Joining a solo friendly small group tour is easily the best way to see Georgia and to put aside some of the pain points that may arise when trying to plan a trip to the Caucasian country.  While it is not the most challenging country to travel in solo, finding accommodation and getting around can be rather difficult. The country is mountainous and extremely rugged and even hiking without a local guide or knowledge of the region can pose an issue to many tourists. This solo friendly group tour will guarantee that you can fully concentrate your efforts on enjoying the wonderful country of Georgia, not to stress over the minute details and make new travel friends.

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