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Travel from Naryn, Kyrgyzstan for more than two hours along rugged high-altitude terrain and you’ll reach Tash Rabat Caravanserai, a Silk Road stopover whose exact origins remain a mystery. Likely built in the 10th or 15th centuries for travelers arriving to and from the treacherous Torugart Pass, it lay undiscovered by many a traveler in recent times due to its remote locale. Today, Tash Rabat is heralded as one of the best-preserved sites along the entire Silk Road, impressing with its size, symmetry and inspiring appearance, not to mention its seclusion in a stunningly beautiful high-altitude valley.

Tash Rabat Tours include a private expedition to this remarkable stone playground which sits, enveloped in silence and devoid of all but the stray tourist, in a hard-to-access mountain enclave. Clamber over its walls, wander the dimly lit corridors and stand in the former kitchen, lodging quarters, mosque and dungeon of this once formidable outpost.

Tours of Tash Rabat Caravanserai will be led by an experienced local guide as part of various Kyrgyzstan tour packages that include overnighting in nearby yurt camps and sightseeing to a wonderful conglomerate of historical, natural and cultural sites. Scroll down for a complete list of our Tash Rabat Tours.

Kyrgyzstan Cultural Tour 9: Among Valleys and Mountains

Among Valleys and Mountains Tour

Among Valleys and Mountains Tour along Kyrgyzstan where you will visit not only popular tourist spots but also see amazing natural sights with special attention given to the mountain lakes Son Kul and the fast flowing Naryn River.

Bishkek, Ala Archa, Kochkor, Son-Kul, Naryn, Tash-Rabat

Details7 Days | end of May – mid September
from US$ 815 per person