Trekking Tour to Achik-Tash Base Camp3 Days | Achik-Tash Base Camp, Onion Meadow, Tulpar-Kol Lake, Petrovsky Peak, Travelers' Pass, Obzorny Peak

Trekking Tour to Achik-Tash Base Camp

The Trekking Tour to Achik-Tash Base Camp is a wonderful opportunity to discover the mesmerizing nature of Kyrgyzstan, learn about the local traditions, and gather many unforgettable memories. High mountains, turquoise lakes, authentic villages, delicious food, friendly locals, stormy rivers, and an enjoyable hike up to 4000 meters above sea level are only a few of the highlights of the tour. The program includes various engaging activities based on your interest and physical preparation. The only thing left is to pack and come join the Trekking Tour to Achik-Tash Base Camp.

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Osh – Achik-Tash Base Camp
Meeting at the airport or at the border (checkpoint Dostuk). We stop for breakfast at a local cafe, after visit a shop and set off on a journey to the big mountains - Lenin Peak, to the Achik-Tash Base Camp. Lunch on the road in a local family, upon arrival, accommodation in the tents. Before dinner, you have time to relax or those who wish can take a walk around the surroundings - there are many picturesque lakes around the camp.
Rest, dinner, overnight in the tents of the Base Camp.
Distance: 350 km, 6 h.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Day 2: One-day Hikes and Activities
One-day hikes and activities you can choose from offered six options below:
  1. Excursion to the Onion Meadow
    We will leave the Base Camp "Achik-Tash" and walk along the hilly part of the valley towards the snow-covered Pamir ridge. Already from this place we will be able to see its highest peak – Lenin Peak 7134 m! To our left, the stormy Achik-Tash River runs below. We will move upstream along its high bank. And very soon we will come to a huge stone riverbed. Many years ago it was dug by a sliding glacier.
    To the right, a pyramid-like mountain rises above this quarry. At its foot is a green Onion meadow, it got this name because of the wild onion growing on it. He releases his arrow-leaves from under the snow. This plant contains a large amount of vitamins. Locals harvest onions for the winter – dried or canned. We will go around the triangular mountain on the right, climb a rocky slope of two hundred meters and come to the waterfall. Here we will rest a little, drink water, take pictures. And on the way back to the base camp.
    Rest, dinner, overnight in the tents of the Base Camp.
  2. Excursion to Tulpar-Kol Lake
    We will leave the Base Camp "Achik-Tash". Follow the trail along the stream past the green hills where herds of horses graze and cross the valley of the same name. At the edge of the valley, there is a beautiful view of the Alai Valley, beyond which you can see the pointed Alai ridge. Then we will cross the zhar – as the Kyrgyz call the yar, ravine. We will go down to the Achik-Tash River, cross the bridge and climb to the other side.
    At this point, the trail turns into a dirt road. We will walk along it two hundred meters and see the purpose of the trip – Tulpar-Kol Lake. Let's take a little more winding road. On the left there are yurts, on the right there is a mountain with a peak Obzorny. Nomad games are sometimes held between the yurts and the lake in a large clearing. We will take a walk near the lake, enjoy the beautiful scenery, the purest water. When we go back, we will see how Petrovsky Peak and Lenin Peak will rise in front of us, clinging to the clouds. We return by the same route, cross the river again and soon find ourselves in the camp. Delicious food and hospitality are waiting for us here.
    Rest, dinner, overnight in the tents of the Base Camp.
  3. Excursion to the Humpback Stone (Petrovsky Peak)
    We will leave the Base Camp, cross the river and head west. Then the trail leads us by traverse up the slope of Petrovsky Mountain. We will gain altitude and go out on the hill. At this point, we will look back and see the entire valley of Achik-Tash. We will walk another three hundred meters and find ourselves near the Humpback Stone. If you touch this stone before sunset and make a wish, it will definitely come true. Now we will walk about another hundred meters to the stone tour. From here you can enjoy the most beautiful views in all directions - the Alai and Pamir Mountains, the Alai Valley and Achik-Tash, turquoise lakes and the boundless sky.
    And of course, we will see how the sun hides behind the toothy Alai ridge. Have you ever seen the solar corona? No? In this case, this trekking is just for you! Closer to the end of the walk, we will turn on the flashlights and safely return to the base camp by a well-trodden path.
    Rest, dinner, overnight in the tents of the Base Camp.
  4. Base Camp – Climb to the crest of Petrovsky Peak - Base Camp
    After leaving the Base Camp, we will cross the river and head west. Then the trail leads us by traverse up the slope of Petrovsky Mountain. At the half of the ascent, we will make a small halt and continue our way up. There is less and less vegetation here. We are on a rocky ridge. Let's walk along it towards Petrovsky Peak.
    There is a rock formation on our way, we can easily bypass it. We will walk a few hundred meters more before the beginning of the snow cover. Only climbers in special equipment go further. Let's have a little rest and admire the beauty of the mountains and valleys. We will return to the camp by another way. Now we will go straight down the steep but safe slope into the valley. In 20-25 minutes we will be already below, we will rest, we will watch marmots and by lunch we will be already in the camp.
    Rest, dinner, overnight in the tents of the Base Camp.
  5. Base Camp – Travelers' Pass – Camp 1
    On the big truck from the Base Camp "Achik-Tash" we will get to the Onion Meadow. This will save energy, 1 hour of time and 4 kilometers of travel. Now we will have to walk only 10 km in about 4-5 hours. Then a small ascent begins and we will go past the waterfall towards the pass. Very soon the trail will lead us from the green lawns to the rocky slope. Moving by traverses, we will rise quite rapidly to a height of 4150 m. This is the Travelers' Pass. We will see a view of snow-capped mountains, Lenin Peak is visible on the right. An Alpine meadow lies at our feet. Several families of marmots with babies live here permanently. Now we have to make a quick descent from the pass. In 15-20 minutes we will be at 3800 meters again. The trail turns to the right and then almost all the time will pass across the rocky slopes. On the left, partially covered with gravel, lies the Lenin Glacier. Very slowly we are gaining altitude. In one place we have to quickly "take off" 100 meters up. Then again – a smooth descent, a smooth ascent.
    The peaks of Yukhin, Razdelnaya, and Lenin are already visible. It's time to stop and look around. Now we will slowly descend to a huge stone, cross the river near it and make a rapid ascent to a height of 4200 meters. There is about an hour's walk to the camp and there will be no more steep ascents and descents. Don't forget to take memorable pictures near our photo point. On the one hand, you can take a picture against the background of Domashny and Yukhin peaks, on the other – Lenin and Razdelnaya.
    Another half hour of leisurely walking and the trail will lead us to the climbing Camp 1. Well, here we are! Welcome to our camp! Congratulations! You are at an altitude of 4400 meters above sea level! Now is the time to go to our dining room, lunch is just ready. After lunch, we still have a lot of important things to do – walk along the moraines near the camp, look at the mountains surrounding this place or just reflect on the high. You're in the highlands after all! In the evening, you can see the mountains burning from the rays of the setting sun. On a clear moonless night, you can see the burning Milky Way. At about ten o'clock in the evening, it will point to Lenin Peak, after which it will shift towards Razdelnaya. If you have good photographic equipment, take a tripod as well. In our camp there is the best place for night shooting of the starry sky!
    Rest, dinner in the tents of Camp 1.
  6. Trek to Obzorny Peak
    We will leave the Base Camp "Achik-Tash" in the direction of Lake Tulpar-Kol. Let's follow the trail along the stream past the green hills. Here the locals graze horses. Then we will go down to the river, cross the bridge to the other side and follow the path up to the foot of the mountain. Then we will climb to the top. For about an hour we will climb a steep slope and go out to the Alpine meadows. Yaks like to graze here. Soaring eagles can be seen in the sky.
    There is no vegetation above and we continue our way over the rocks. The mountain has two peaks, we are heading to its left sister. It offers views in both directions of the Alai Valley. Tulpar-Kol Lake sparkles below us, and it seems that you can reach the clouds.
    Then we will go to the second peak and find ourselves at an altitude of 4130 meters. From here we will start the descent along the "sypukha" - fine gravel. The remarkable part of this couloir is that one side of it is made of red rocks of stone, and the other of gray-green. We will go down, along the river along the onion glades, we will go to the Achik-Tash River. We are at the bridge again and will continue to walk along the already familiar part of the route, only in the opposite direction.
    Rest, dinner in the tents of the Base Camp.
Day 3: Base Camp – Osh city
After breakfast we leave the mountains behind and return to the original city of Osh. Lunch at a local cafe, city tour of the city with a mandatory visit to the market. In the late afternoon, transfer to the airport or to the Dostuk checkpoint.
Distance: 350 km, 5h.
Meals: Breakfast/Lunch
  • Accommodation in tents on the basis of double accommodation;
  • Meals - full board: (breakfasts, lunches, dinners);
  • All transfers specified in the program;
  • Guide services;
  • Environmental fee.
  • Single accommodation in tents;
  • Meals not included in the program;
  • Insurance;
  • All personal expenses.

* Equipment:
For recreation, you will need the following: trekking boots + spare shoes (sneakers, sandals), waterproof jacket and trousers, fleece jacket and trousers, thermal underwear, warm gloves and hat, sunglasses, flashlight and batteries, sunscreen, backpack for 20-30 liters. A warm jacket and hiking sticks are recommended.


  • Some trekking days may be changed for security/weather reasons.
  • The time of transfers is approximate, as it depends on the condition of roads/weather conditions.
  • The hike time is approximate and depends on the weather and the physical condition of the participants.
  • Lunch boxes are provided in the form of a buffet, after breakfast, participants themselves pack lunch products from a diverse assortment.
  • Highly recommended to have a personal flask, as we provide boiled water at the time of exit.


  • RED FOX tents (capacity 4 people, but for convenience we accommodate only two people).
  • 5-centimeter foam mattresses and carimats.
  • Big dining room with all amenities.
  • Toilets, showers.
  • Electricity to charge your phones, cameras and other batteries.
  • Bar for an additional fee (vodka, wine, cognac, beer, juices, etc.).

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