Stolby Nature Reserve

Stolby Nature Reserve, Krasnoyarsk

3 km from Krasnoyarsk exotic rock formations are towering in the middle of taiga expanses. These are syenitic remnants - pillars of gigantic dimensions, resembling animals, birds and even people. Name of each pillar derives from such a similarity. There are ‘Sparrows’, ‘Golden eagles’, ‘Monk’ and ‘Old Man’ here. The height of the rocks, forming 80 groups, comes up to 104 m here and there. These fanciful rocks are located in the spurs of the Eastern Sayan. Among the mountain ranges of light pinery, larch and cedar, thousands of years, winds and rains ‘grinded’ these interesting figures. The pillars are situated on the territory of the ‘Krasnoyarsk Pillars’ Nature Reserve. The territory of the reserve is 47 000 hectares, it stretches 34 kilometers along the Yenisei River.