John the Baptist Nunnery

John the Baptist Nunnery  (Ivanovo Convent)


Otherwise known as the Ivanovo Convent, it is ranked among the oldest religious buildings in the capital. There are facts proving that originally there had been a monastery founded in 1533 by Vasily III to commemorate the birth of his son, he future of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. The main temple of the monastery - the cathedral church of John the Baptist – was built in 1657. It became the first stone building of the monastery. After repeated military destructions and restorations its construction was fully completed by 1870. Widows and daughters of the famous noble families took veil in Ivanovo Convent. Imprisoned there were the landowner Saltychikha for her despotism, the Princess Tarakanova (daughter of Empress Elizabeth). Ivanovo Convent was one of the first to be closed in 1918 in Moscow. Currently, the monastery is being renovated. In 1995 the monastery was handed over to the Orthodox Church.