Vorontsovo Estate

The estate and the area were named after the boyar Fyodor Vorontsov, who owned the village in the 14th century. Later the estate Vorontsovo was associated with such famous Russian dynasties as the Repnins, the Volkonskys, the Vorontsovs. It is even mentioned even in the famous novel by Lev Tolstoy, War and Peace. During the war of 1812 Vorontsovo belonged to the Princess Alexandra Nikolaevna Volkonskaya, nee Repnina. The estate had been seriously damaged during the war and was rebuilt afterwards. Under the Prince Peter Repnin in the middle of the 18th century the estate complex was formed with a clear axial composition. It included a large rectangular pond, a huge park and three alleys leading to the main house. Up to now only a few buildings have survived. The most interesting are the pseudo-gothic entrance towers entrance with the guardrooms finalized with impressive white stone openwork crowns. Adjacent to them are one-story brick guardrooms in the same style. The towers belong to 1770-1780. Before the towers, closer to the road, are later built pylons of the gate installed in the late 19th - early 20th century.

Restored from the ruins is the Holy Trinity Church consecrated in 1807. It is adjacent to a small squat belfry, the first floor of which serves as the church entrance. In addition to that Vorontsovo has preserved two pairs of wings. All wings were subject to alterations, lost certain elements of their decoration, but they are nevertheless interesting as monuments of architecture. One of the 18th-century wings is in ruins of which, however, look quite impressive in comparison with its pair spoiled by modifications. And while the new asphalt paths interfere with the charm of the park, the old trees in it are still not uncommon. 5 ponds of the 6 have survived in Vorontsovo. The Estate Vorontsovo is being restored at the moment.