Churches in Togliatti

Church of the Annunciation of the Mother of God

This is one of the oldest churches in Toglaitti. It was built by a rich merchant Bakhmetev in memory of his young wife Varvara. In 1846 the stone church was consecrated. In the 30ies of the past century the church was closed. And only on 19 May 1989 the church was opened again. Since that time it called as cathedral of the Annunciation of the Mother God, in the honor of Annunciation day. There are triangular pediments in the building’s construction. Under the cornice there are relief hills in the form of kokoshnik. Five blue domes decorate the church. This church complex is historical and cultural heritage of Togliatti. The annunciation hermitage with its church and refectory church in the honor of Great Martyr Varvara (1846) and the Intercession Cathedral (1999).

Bogorodicino-Kazan Church

Even in old Stavropol which had been flooded during the construction of hydroelectric power plant, there was the Trinity Cathedral of 1738 on its main square. The religious people of the town decided to restore the church in the new city. In 1954 the government allocated land for a house of worship and priest’s house. So Bogorodichno-Kazan Church was founded. In 1985, on the place of the house of worship a church was built. In 1987 it was consecrated in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. All that had been saved from the Trinity church after the flood, had been gathered here: prayer books, icons, church utensils. And in 1989, at the Bogorodichno-Kazan Church, the temple after the Blessed Xenia of Petersburg, a new shrine which attract has been attracting many pilgrims, was built here.

Spaso-Preobrajenskii Cathedral

The Spaso-Preobrajenskii Cathedral in Togliatti is one of the largest Orthodox churches in Russia. Its size yields only to the Cathedral of Savior in Moscow. The Cathedral’s high cube is edged with curly arched gables on the top. An enormous five-head on high drums, decorated with kokoshniks, shines with gold at the head and bottom of the construction. The baptismal church, the bell tower, and the house of a parish clergy are also included in the church complex. On 25 May 1966 the founder Sergey laid the first stone of the Spaso-Preobrajenskii Cathedral. This stone was taken from the Favor mountain on which Jesus came to his disciple. The huge, joyful, bright, tastefully executed temple is always open to all believers.