Meet the Shaman1 Day | Ust-Orda

During this tour you will learn the Buryat traditions, culture, folklore and shamanistic rituals. Also, you can visit the ethnographic museum, describing the history of the Buryat people.

Tour itinerary:

A car trip to the Ust-Orda village to meet the Buryat Shaman. The Buryats are the native Siberians who have a Mongolian type of look; religion wise, the Buryats are divided into shamanists and Buddhists. The Shaman will show you the rituals and for a moment will let you become a part of it.
Visit to the museum of the Buryat nation.

11:00 – excursion starts;
12:00 – arrival at Ust-Orda. Visit to the museum of the Buryat nation.
12:30 – introduction to the Shaman rituals;
13:15 – traditional Buryat lunch (not included);
15:00 – excursion ends in Irkutsk.