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Solo Female Travel on the Silk Road

Welcome to one of the most fantastic, historical, and surprising travel routes on Earth! The Silk Road lives on today as the region is offering some of the best tourism opportunities travelers can find anywhere in the world. The region is vast and home to so many different cultures, traditions, history, and ideals. The following showcases the advantages and challenges of traveling throughout the countries that make up the Silk Road route.

Advantages of Solo Travel on the Silk Road

The Silk Road trails from China to the west - spanning Central Asia and Caucasus. As you travel the old trade routes, the cultures are unique and vibrant influenced by the coming and going of exotic and far away products and people. The trail is dotted with plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and fascinating insights into the golden age of trade. More recent history is also represented especially with the impact of the Soviet Union clearly visible. It is the perfect place for travelers to lose themselves in history and recreate the routes of many famous explorers, such as Marco Polo.

The old trade routes pass through some of the most diverse and spectacular nature in the world. From deserts, wild plains, and imposing mountains, it is hard to not have your breath taken away as you pass through the scenery. These diverse landscapes give way for a magnitude of outdoor activities which are available through the region. The mountains are the perfect place to hit the slopes in the winter and the forest and plains are great places to hike and take in the fresh air and letting your mind wonder and relax in the serene beauty.

Kashgar, China, Silk Road
Yurts, Kyrgyzstan, Silk Road
Tash Rabat, Kyrgyzstan, Silk Road

The trade routes shaped the culture and ways of life along its path as the constant stream of traders has built a tradition of incredible hospitality throughout the region. The values of hospitality have been passed down through the generations and the people are some of the friendliest and welcoming in the world. Locals are often willing to take in weary travelers for a rest, a hearty meal, and some soul warming tea... much like their forefathers would have done with passing tradesmen. They happily share their way of life and culture with you and make falling in love with the region that much easier as you immerse yourself in the true cultures of the Silk Road.

The Silk Road is the perfect route for the solo traveler to undertake and channel the illustrious Marco Polo. Like those who traveled this route since the beginning of its existence, the solo traveler will experience this unique and vibrant path in away that will shape their lives. As you dive head first into the culture, you will gain a new understanding of what life is like along this naturally beautiful route. There are few other ancient trading routes that span such diverse landscapes, cultures, and architectural styles, although a familiar feeling of friendliness and hospitality will keep you feeling grounded and at home along the way.

Challenges of Traveling Alone on the Silk Road

For thousands of years, the Silk Road was a well-trodden trade route with caravans of goods passing through the region. Modern day tourism is still in its fledgling stages and there are several challenges the modern day traveler, especially solo travelers, is likely to encounter while passing along these ancient trade routes. A lack of tourism infrastructure is one of the main challenges in the area.

Marshrutkas are a common method of public transport, however, these are difficult to plan around as although they sometimes have advertised times, they do not leave until they are full, so if you are needing to connect in another town or area this can cause missed connections or large delays. There are trains throughout the region, but these are mostly leftover from the Soviet-era and are massively outdated with long journey times. Trains are also likely to book up relatively quickly and tickets can be hard to book as websites tend to only be in the local language and Russian.

Kunya-Urgench, Turkmenistan, Silk Road
Baku, Azerbaijan, Silk Road
Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, Silk Road

Self-driving through the area is a possibility that provides flexibility and the opportunity to stop and enjoy the magnificent views along the way. On the other hand, this presents an entirely new set of challenges to overcome. Road conditions and driving styles may be vastly different to the standards that you are used to at home, with maps showing roads that may not be considered roadworthy in other parts of the world, this is especially the case during extreme weather conditions. There is also the risk of being pulled over and unable to speak the language which can cause lengthy delays.

Political regimes in the region are often changing laws and restrictions on a whim and these can be hard to keep track of as they are often not well communicated and someone traveling at the time is unlikely to know of a sudden border policy change during their trip. Local customs and traditions can also impact female solo travelers who may need to be aware of more varying views on gender roles in society. It is often required for females to cover their hair and head when visiting religious sites across the region.

Solo Female Friendly Small Group Tours on the Silk Road

The best way to negate trouble and to enjoy your trip to the best of your ability is to join a solo friendly small group tour. These tours will give you access to credible places of accommodation and have safe and efficient transportation between sites. It will also allow travelers to feel at ease with the local customs and familiarize themselves with the customs before failing to abide by them in the first place. Your trip will bring a lifetime of memories and we want to ensure your memories are filled with interactions with people and nature and not the daunting planning process or transportation hassles.

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