Tajik Dairy Products

Tajik Dairy Products, Traditional Tajik Food

Tajik dairy products are usually made from sour milk. The body is able to digest fermented milk products three times faster than ordinary milk, and due in part to its healthful properties local milk products are enjoyed not only at breakfast but also for lunch and dinner. Sour milk in particular is commonly added to soups and main courses.

Chakka (in some regions called suzma) is a very popular sour dairy product in Tajikistan which is eaten both as an independent food and as a condiment with many dishes. Chakka is prepared from djurgot (sour yogurt) or katyk (kefir), which is poured into a cheesecloth or gauze and tied at an elevated height so that the excess liquid can drain for 8-10 hours.

Kurut (kuruti) is dried chakka that has been formed into small round, square or oblong shapes. When fresh it is soft and crumbly, and after hardening can be dissolved in water or eaten as a jawbreaker snack. The most delicious variety of kurut contains added salt, and kurut with pepper can also be found. Tajikistan is famous for kuruti mastchoh, which is made in the country’s Matcha Mountains.

Other Tajik dairy products which guests may be offered are kaymak (sour cream), a thick curdled milk called churgot (chirgot) and variations of kefir.