Tajik Drinks

Tajik Drinks, Traditional Tajik Food

Among Tajik drinks, tea is by far the most common. Far more than just a drink, it is an integral part of national culture. If you are invited for tea, this almost always means that the hostess will serve a full meal and, of course, tea itself.

In Tajikistan green tea is enjoyed by old and young alike. Black tea is also drunk but is less popular in summer and in the countryside. This is possibly due to the many health benefits of green tea, which is rich in vitamins and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Shirchay (shircho) is a tea with milk, butter and salt which is drunk in winter and year-round in some mountainous regions.

Cool, refreshing Tajik drinks are popular in summertime. Sweet sorbet, a favorite among children, is made from different fruits which are flavored with sugar. Grapes, pomegranates, melons, apricots, cherries and strawberries are the most popular ingredients for sorbet, but in general the fruits are never mixed together.

Cholob (dug, dugob) is a drink in Tajikistan made from sour yogurt (diluted chakka), water and salt. It is customary to mix the ingredients until a foam has formed. Ice and mint are added to the drink in summer, and those with a sweet tooth can order it with fruit and no salt.