Geok-Tepe Fortress near Ashgabat

Despite a comparative young age - Geok-Tepe fortress was constructed only in 1869 - it is a significant place which played a major role in the history of Turkmenistan. It became the last bastion on the way of Imperial Russia to Central Asia.

The fortress was constructed by Russians on the Caspian Sea shore as a base for the armies moving to the territory of Central Asia.

Despite the desperate attempts of Tekins (local residents) to defend the fortress, Russians attacked it in August of 1879 and after long-lasting artillery fire took the fortress. But it did not last long: Turkmen threw Russians back to the shores of the Caspian Sea .

Attempts of Russians to take Geok-Tepe by storm did not stop but the final conquest took place only in December, 1880: Russians returned, dug an underground tunnel under the fortress, blew up the gate and took Geok -Tepe. On January 18th, 1881 Russians moved to Ashgabat and established East-Caspian area which included such cities as Mangyshlak, Kyzyissy, Ashgabat, Tedzhen and Merv.

Today Geok-Tepe Fortress is a historical-architectural landmark of the country. It towers above the Caspian Sea as a reminder of that memorable battle which changed the course of history for many people.