Neutrality Day in Turkmenistan

December 12 

Neutrality Day in Turkmenistan is the country’s second most important national holiday, trailing only Independence Day. On December 12, 1995, a rare UN General Assembly resolution was adopted in support of the neutrality of Turkmenistan as a means of ensuring regional security and peace.

International law interprets this neutrality as "non-participation in a war, and in peacetime, refusal to participate in military blocs." Pursuing this kind of policy helps to resolve many interstate disputes and contributes to the strengthening of peace and prosperity in the entire region, which in turn can lead to greater political stability.

Every year, Neutrality Day in Turkmenistan is celebrated with great fanfare through concerts and mass cultural events. A special wreath-laying ceremony attended by the President himself is held at the Monument of Neutrality in Ashgabat.

Neutrality Day Neutrality Day in Turkmenistan is the second most important national holiday in the country, trailing only Independence Day.