Treasures of Turkmenistan - Alabai

Treasures of Turkmenistan, Alabai

Turkmen dog - alabai is a beautiful and courageous animal. For many centuries it has helped Turkmen shepherds to safeguard flocks of cattle in heavy conditions of sandy desert. This magnificent dog can not be confused with one other breed. Strong, well built alabai is fascinating in its nobleness of movements, confidence and calmness. But anyone who has seen this fighter struggles with a predator will never part with his alabai... Now Turkmen wolfhound has a lot of friends and admirers all over the world.

It is a fact that this breed has been created by genetic selection. From time immemorial shepherds selecting set dogs to fight. They kept the winner. In fact, they needed a courageous fighter capable of protecting a flock of sheep.

Even today during dogfights experts evaluate its hind and fore legs positioning, width and the upper part of chest, waist strength, steep ribs and long false ribs. "A wolfhound should have a strong short neck - they say - a massive heavy head with smooth transition from forehead to muzzle similar to a polar bear's".

All these qualities of the breed representative are fixed only on a ring during dogfights.

Today alabai is treasured not only by the people who have created the breed but also by all who has grown fond of these animals and highly appreciates this courageous protector and friend.