Caravanserai Dayakhatyn, Turkmenabad

The largest caravan serai Gayakhatyn (Bai-Khatyn) is a 11th-12th-century monument of architecture. It stood on the medieval road from Amul (Turkmenabad) to Khoresm. Today only the vast ruins of the caravanserai mud-brick rabat remind of that time. Once, the rabat was reinforced with circular towers. Arches, vaults and domes of the caravan serai were laid from burnt bricks. The walls of the facade are lined with bricks in the original ornamental style. Some parts of the rabat still keep the relief (brick) text fragments with the names of caliphs: Abubkr, Omar and Ali.

By the way, the local residents name this caravan serai "Bai-Khatyn". One of the legends mentions him «…a certain rich person suspected the wife of infidelity. Offended by the imaginary unfaithfulness he left home in the clothes of a poor dervish. His wife waited and waited for her husband's return. To make his desert travels easier she built a big and beautiful caravan serai. The bricks for its construction were made in Merv and were passed from hands to hands to the place of construction. It happened that her husband was among the workers. He eventually came back home after his long wanderings».