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Turkmenabat tours is a trip to the plateau of dinosaurs with 3000 well preserved trails of prehistoric animals, karst caves with underground world and many others. In the south-east of Turkmenabat protected areas of Koytendag attract with pristine nature of mountain ranges and rare kinds of flora and fauna.

Koytendag Tour: Dinosaur Plateau and Turkmenistan’s Far East:

Discover the nature and history of Turkmenistan’s Far East on this 4-day Koytendag tour of the unique Dinosaur Plateau, the Umbar Dere Gorge and waterfall, and other highlights of this remote region.

Astana Baba and Alamberdar mausoleum complex, Dinosaur Plateau, Umbar Dere Gorge and waterfall, Kyrk Gyz pilgrim cave, Kainar Baba Lake
4 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)