Babur House Museum, Andijan

Today Babur’s name in Uzbekistan is among such political and cultural figures as Amir Timur, Ulugbek, Alisher Navoi. Every year on 14 February the Uzbek people commemorate its great ancestor by celebration of his birthday. Monuments to Babur are established in many cities of the republic and his name is assigned to main streets and parks.

In Andijan, his native city, there is the Babur Memorial Museum and a park named after him which are located on Bogishamol hill where according to the notes from the “Baburname”, the poet-ruler ordered to build a khujr for rest and contemplation. This khujr did not survive up to date but the “Baburname” describes it as a small carved summerhouse with an ayvan located on the hill top oped on an amazing view of the city.

Babur Park in Andijan represents a whole architectural and historical complex. The Park territory is occupied by the Babur House Museum and in its center; there is a memorial – his symbolic tomb with a piece of walled-up earth brought from Agra and Kabul, the burial places of the great poet and ruler. In addition, a monument to Babur was established in the city, his name was assigned to a University, library and one of the avenues in Andijan.

The Babur House Museum keeps hundreds of rare exhibits collected into a remarkable exposition which narrates about Babur and his descendants from the Great Mogul dynasty. Among the exhibits there are writings, written by Babur and his children, in particular by his daughter Gulbadan-begim, who inherited poetical talent of her farther. There are also miniatures depicting the life of Babur and the Baburids. Over a long period the Baburids kept up relations with Central Asian rulers. The Museum has a diplomatic correspondence and various gifts presented by the Baburids to Shaybanid khans and emirs. Furthermore all guests and visitors of the Museum may listen to interesting familiarization lectures about Babur and the Baburids’ life.