Vegetarian Food in Bukhara

Bukhara is famous for classic restaurants as well as national houses, where dishes are pre-ordered and meal is enjoyed in the traditional Uzbek house. Vegetarian food in Bukhara is available for you in restaurants and national houses. To make the best choice check out what they offer.

Bella Italia
Bella Italia Restaurant Where: 125, Nakhshbandi str.
Phone: +99865 224-33-46
Bella Italia is a cozy restaurant that offers vegetarian dishes with elements of famous Italian cuisine:
- fettuccine vegetariano;
- ravioli with cheese, spinach and mushrooms;
- risotto with vegetables;
- pizza Margherita (typical Neapolitan pizza, made with tomatoes and mozzarella), pizza Primavera (with the vegetable mixture);
- sautéed vegetables;
- a variety of vegetable cream soups.
Doston House
Doston House Restaurant Where: 5, K.Kalon str.
Phone: +99891 445-27-55
Doston House is a household that invites tourists for lunch and dinner. You will see local lifestyle and try national cuisine that is available in vegetarian options too. You can choose from
- samsa (samosa, baked stuffed pastry) with potatoes;
- plov (pilaf) with vegetables;
- dimlama (stewed vegetables);
- manti (steamed stuffed dumplings) with potatoes and pumpkin (seasonal).
Advance ordering is required.
Minzifa Restaurant Where: 6, Khudjarushnoy str.
Phone: +99865 224-61-75
Minzifa restaurant in Bukhara has a good selection of vegetarian food options such as:
- grilled vegetables;
- vegetable plov (pilaf);
- dimlama (stewed vegetables);
- rice couscous (beans, aubergines, rice and vegetable oil);
- potatoes with mushrooms;
- vegetable cream soup (potatoes, carrots, onions and spices).
National House of Rustam
National House of Rustam Restaurant Where: 10, Sarrofon str.
Phone: +99890 614-55-08
National House of Rustam offers following vegetarian dishes:
- potato/corn/pumpkin cream soups, vegetable soup;
- manti (steamed dumplings) with pumpkin or potatoes;
- khanum (steamed rolled thin dough) with potatoes;
- dimlama (then stewed vegetables) and vegetable ragu.
Advance ordering is required.
Old Bukhara
Old Bukhara Restaurant Where: 3, Samarkand str.
Phone: +99890 185-70-77
Stylish restaurant “Old Bukhara” offers good selection of vegetarian food options:
- vegetable cream soup;
- samsa with greens or pumpkin;
- grilled vegetables (aubergines, squash, tomatoes);
- vegetable ragu;
- stuffed aubergines;
- khachapuri (cheese-filled bread);
- manti (stuffed steamed dumplings) with pumpkin (seasonal).