Islambek Hotel
60, Tashpulatov Street, Khiva

Type of Room Price No. rooms
Deluxe Single
Deluxe Double
Continental Breakfast Included
Low Season (Nov - Mar, Jun - July)
Deluxe Double
Continental Breakfast Included
Deluxe Double
Quantity of these rooms 16
Bed 2
Single bed 180x100
In this spacious room you will find everything for perfect rest and sleep after eventful day. The room differs with the simplicity of design and excellent style. Atmosphere of the room creates sense of hearth and national color. The room best suites for two people.
  • Price of the room includes:
  • breakfast
  • brush shoe
  • soap
  • shampoo
  • Room features:
  • bathroom
  • bathtub
  • TV
  • satellite TV
  • bathroom mirror
  • makeup mirror
  • bed (2)
  • single bed (180x100)
  • fridge
  • air-conditioner
  • split system
  • writing table
  • openable windows
  • wardrobe
  • Views: