Sultan Hotel

Type of Room Price No. rooms
Buffet Breakfast Included
Inter season (10 Jun - 31 Jul)
Buffet Breakfast Included
Low season (8 Nov-10 Mar)
Buffet Breakfast Included
Quantity of these rooms 1
Space of rooms (in square meters) 50
Bed 2
Single bed 220x120
The most luxurious and spacious room of the Sultan hotel is reserved for one or two persons. Cozy atmosphere and completely equipped room allows is designed for comfortable stay of one or two persons. Bright bathroom with a bath will help to get rid of the day’s stress and soft beds will guarantee your peaceful sleep.
  • Price of the room includes:
  • mineral water
  • slippers
  • breakfast
  • brush shoe
  • soap
  • shampoo
  • Room features:
  • bathroom
  • bathtub
  • TV
  • satellite TV
  • bathroom mirror
  • bed (2)
  • single bed (220x120)
  • fridge
  • international phone
  • intercity phone
  • air-conditioner
  • split system
  • openable windows
  • hairdryer
  • sewing set
  • magazine table
  • armchair
  • cupboard under the suitcase
  • Views:
  • back view (road view)
  • historical sights