Photo gallery of night Khiva

Khiva at night is a completely different city. If during the day the central street is full of people, every corner features traders selling astrakhan hats and silk scarves, quiet streets straying into a mysterious labyrinth invite for a hours-long walk, than at night the city is completely different. It gets steeped in mist, and only the majestic minarets, mosques and madrasahs in the central street are illuminated by searchlights. The ancient city walls keep their secrets in silent nights - Khiva sees colored dreams of its great past.

Kalta Minor, Khiva
Walls of Itchan-Kala fortress, Khiva
Kalta-Minor minaret and Muhammad Amin-khan Madrasah, Khiva
Kalta-Minor minaret, Khiva
Djuma-mosque minaret, Khiva
Entrance to the Kunya-Ark Fortress, Khiva
Islam Khoja minaret, Khiva
Entrance of Mausoleum of Makhmud Pakhlavan and Islam Khoja minaret, Khiva
Islam Khoja mosque and minaret, Khiva
Mausoleum of Makhmud Pakhlavan and Islam Khoja minaret, Khiva
Mausoleum of Makhmud Pakhlavan, Khiva
Khiva street
The minaret of Djuma-Mosque, Khiva
Kutlug Murad Inaq Madrasah, Khiva
Mohammed Amin Inaq Madrasah, Khiva