MICE in Uzbekistan - Business Tours, Team Buildings, Business Tourism

MICE or business tourism in Uzbekistan offers a large variety of services from standard conference rooms in hotels and business centres to unique experiences well-aligned with event purposes in historical cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, and many others. MICE tours in Uzbekistan will organize the details of your next corporate trip, from logistics to accommodation, event planning to city tours and team-building activities, freeing you to focus on your work while enjoying the sights and sounds of Uzbekistan.

Деловые встречи

In Uzbekistan, there are a large number of comfortable hotels, restaurants, and business centers. We can help you organize transfers and reserve conference halls or restaurants for holding your meetings.


There are excellent opportunities for cultural or active trips in Uzbekistan. We offer a variety of interesting tours and teambuilding in the cities and resorts of Uzbekistan for your employees and partners.


Every year, there are a large number of exhibitions, conferences, and forums. We can help you become a participant of one of these events or organize a conference of your own.


We are happy to offer complete packages or help your ideas come to life for your trip to Uzbekistan, including parties, concerts, excursions, master classes, and more.

Here you can find lots of useful information that can help you plan your corporate or business trip to Uzbekistan:

Our company can offer you spaces to suit any needs or events, including business events, conferences, and meetings. Learn more about the best conference halls in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and other cities in Uzbekistan.
We are happy to meet our clients and offer transfers and transportation. Our drivers can meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel or another location. Our drivers have comfortable cars and busses for transfers.
We can reserve any number of rooms in the hotel of your choice, wherever you would like to host your business event. We can also find accommodation located as close as possible to conference halls and other places.
Advantour can make a tour based on your needs and preferences, from individually-tailored conferences, one-day excursions in cities, active retreats for teambuildings, and other types of trips.
Based on your needs and preferences, our team can organize a banquet or dinner in the best restaurants in Tashkent, Samarkand, or other cities in Uzbekistan, where your employees or guests can try the best of Uzbek and European foods.
We can organize services from experienced translators, facilitators, photographers, operators, doctors, waiters, and security officers, all of whom can help you with your event, conference, or business meeting.
Our specialists would be happy to help you prepare any equipment that you may need for your conference or business meeting: screens, projectors, microphones, internet, and more.
We can also help prepare promotional items (posters, notepads, pens and more) with the logo of your company, and we can also order souvenirs as gifts for your employees or partners.