World Snow Day in Yangiabad

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Advantour in Yangiabad, UzbekistanAdvantour team celebrated the World Snow Day at the Yangiabad Tourist Hostel

The “Yangiabad” Tourist Hostel is located 120 km from the capital of Uzbekistan – Tashkent. It was built a short distance away from the town of the same name in the 70-s of the last century. 

Some words about the town. As early as that time, Yangiabad was the smallest town in the USSR with a population of several thousand inhabitants. The town was built in the 40-s by the Soviet Germans who had been  resettled there from the Volga, that is why the architecture of this town,  not typical for Central Asia, resembles more a German town of the XIX-XX centuries. You cannot see buildings higher than three-storey ones there because of high seismic activity of this region. Nowadays no more than 500 people live in this deserted town.    

Advantour in Yangiabad, Uzbekistan Advantour in Yangiabad, Uzbekistan Advantour in Yangiabad, Uzbekistan

The Tourist Hostel snuggles right  in the heart of the picturesque Chatkal Biosphere Reserve just a couple of kilometers away from Yangiabad,  and where the tight-knit team of Advantour set forth to. The Yangiabad Mountains met us with magnificent snow-covered mountain scenes. Everywhere round about where a glance can reach there is a mind-bending beauty of undisturbed wilderness with incredible blue sky and light clouds drifting to the horizon overhead.

Skiing is the main entertainment of the holiday-makers. The grown-ups and children are enjoying equally skidding from snowy slopes of different degree of difficulty. Experienced trainers are teaching everybody who is exercising this kind of sport for the first time. A couple of hours lapsed and lo and behold, you are skidding quite confidently from a soft slope. For amateurs and aces there is a special piste  with a platter pull bringing them to its start in no time. Skiing is frantic and the time spins away. However, just make efforts to tear yourself away from this fascinating entertainment to “go on the scout” of the vicinage.

Advantour in Yangiabad, Uzbekistan Advantour in Yangiabad, Uzbekistan Advantour in Yangiabad, Uzbekistan

The gorge of the Kattasay and Chilten rivers with mountain falls and crystal runlets is a real paradise for recreationists. There are a lot of picturesque places which can print on the memory. Down-runs from snowy slopes to a frozen lakelet, Soviet abandoned mines and mountaineers’ houses, wild goats jumping consummately on the slippery slopes, ice-free brooks carrying their clear waters along red stones...

At the end of the day full of impressions, a meal, ordinary in a family way but delicious, welcomes you at a small restaurant of the Tourist Hostel and nearby there is also a café with fresh shashlik and cold beer in weeping bottles.   

Advantour in Yangiabad, Uzbekistan Advantour in Yangiabad, Uzbekistan Advantour in Yangiabad, Uzbekistan

It should be noted that the proper territory of the Yangiabad Tourist Hostel is quite comfortable. There are improved dwelling-houses, a bar, a discotheque for the recreationists to have good time in the evening. The warm and clean rooms provide for all conveniences in order the recreationists can settle down there  with comfort -cosy beds, individual bathrooms with hot shower, satellite television, separate roomy parlor where you can spend time in a company what we were exactly   pleased to do.

Freshened and happy, we were leaving the Holiday Camp. Well, we celebrated the Snow Day at first-rate. And now we are waiting for a cause for a new trip,  we are certainly going to tell you about next time.