Uzbekistan makes preparations for Navruz

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Street festivitiesNavruz is an analogue of New Year in the Central Asian region and beyond it. It is observed by Iranian and Turkic peoples in Azerbaijan, India, Turkey, some regions of Russia, Macedonia and other countries. This holiday marks the arrival of spring and awakening of nature from winter sleep. This holiday, celebrated on March 21 - the day of the vernal equinox, is rooted in the pre-literate history of the mankind when Zoroastrianism was widely spread there.

Uzbekistan is planning to celebrate one of the most important and favorite holidays in a big way all over the country. According to the President’s decree on preparation for Navruz holiday, issued on 24 February, this year’s motto will be: Let every day be Navruz!

These days, the tourists can enjoy especially interesting events: the republic will hold festivals, folk games, outdoor festivities and serve the tables with sumalyak – a thick sweet pulp of boiled first germs of wheat. Uzbekistan is a multinational state, so festive events will be varied and will demonstrate the colorful traditions of the peoples who live in Uzbekistan.

Main ceremonial meal from germinated wheat: sumalak Pilaf making Uzbek youth
Navruz celebration Navruz celebration Navruz celebration