Nat Geo: one of the deepest caves in the world is located in Uzbekistan

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Nat Geo: one of the deepest caves in the world is located in UzbekistanJournalist of the National Geographic Mark Synnott was a part of international expedition of speleologists researching one of the deepest caves of the world located on the territory of Uzbekistan and later shared his story on the Nat Geo website.

The depth of the unique cave in the Boysun mountains is estimated by the scientists to be 2650 m, however, no one yet managed to reach the bottom of the cave, thus its true depth is still indefinite. The deepest cave known to the scientific world is the cave Krubera in Georgia, 2196 m deep, but "underground Everest" in Uzbekistan can already lay up a claim to this place.

The research of the cave began with the British speleologists in 1990 naming it the Dark Star after a fictional film of the director John Carpenter. Since then the cave had attracted speleologists and extreme lovers. In his article Sinott describes the Dark star as a geological time capsule, because Mineral deposits found there reveal millennia of climate history.

Mark Synnott's article on the Dark Star will be published in the March edition of the National Geographic.