Uzbekistan is to set the world record on cooking the largest pot of plov

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The largest pot of plov in the world to be prepared in UzbekistanOn 8 September 2017, within the frames of the "Uzbegim" festival of traditional culture, the world record on cooking the biggest plov will be set that will enter the Guinness World Records' Book. The event will be held on the Sayilgoh street.

Plov for this purpose will be prepared in a special pot (called kazan) assembled by Olmaliq Mining and Metallurgical Factory. Its diameter is 4,2 meters and can hold up to 8000 liters. The pot weighs 7070 kilos and is 1 meter deep. The record-aiming dish is planned to be around 8 tonnes.

Over 50 well-known cooks will get together from across the entire country to prepare the record-aiming dish. Ready plov will be distributed to guests of the event and residents of Tashkent.