Top must try traditional Uzbek food

Uzbek food lures back tourists and locals who have been away from home for a while. You must have already heard about Plov (pilaf, osh) – signature dish of Uzbekistan; we have compiled other 20+ names of the best must try Uzbek food. Below is the list of traditional local dishes list (take it as a check list, if you will).

Top-3 food to try in Uzbekistan

Palov, uzbek food

Palov (Osh)

Ingredients: moderately fat lamb, medium grain rice, carrot, cumin. Can be served with boiled eggs and kazy upon request.

Samsa, uzbek food


Ingredients: dough: milk, butter, flour;
Filling: lamb / beef / potato; Seasonally: greens / pumpkin.

Shashlik, uzbek food


Ingredients: lamb, beef, chicken, liver or ground beef. Served with thinly sliced onion.

Uzbek soups

Moshkhurda, uzbek food


Fried soup with mung beans
Ingredients: mung beans, rice, meat, onions, carrot, potatoes, tomatoes, fresh greens, salt and pepper.

Lagman, uzbek food


Ingredients: homemade noodle, lamb or beef, carrot, celery stalk, red sweet pepper, seasonal vegetables, garlic, cilantro.

Shurpa, uzbek food


Slow cooked soup
Ingredients: fresh lamb with bone, onion, tomato, carrot, green bell pepper, potatoes, chickpeas (optional), salt, pepper, cumin.

Kuza Shurpa, uzbek food

Kuza Shurpa

Ingredients: lamb on bone, carrot, green bell pepper, potato.

Mastava, uzbek food


Ingredients: beef, carrot, rice, potato, tomato (paste), cilantro. Garnished with sour cream.

Chuchvara, uzbek food


Ingredients: boiled dough filled with small portions of ground meat and onion.

Second Courses

Beshbarmak, uzbek food


Ingredients: homemade noodles, horse meat, lamb/beef. Usually served with broth and yogurt.

Tukhum Barak, uzbek food

Tukhum Barak

Ingredients: plain dough, filling: eggs, milk, sunflower oil.
Available only in Khiva.

Dolma, uzbek food


Ingredients: grape leaves, grounded beef, rice.

Fried Lagman, uzbek food

Fried Lagman

Ingredients: beef, tomato, egg, homemade noodles, seasonal vegetables.

Kazan Kabob, uzbek food

Kazan Kabob

Ingredients: lamb on bones, potato, oil.

Nohat Shorak, uzbek food

Nohat Shorak

Ingredients: chick peas and meat. Served with broth and kazy.

Manti, uzbek food


Ingredients: beef or lamb, onion, ground black pepper, cumin. Many places offer variety of fillings: potato, chicken, pumpkin (seasonally).

Norin, uzbek food


Ingredients: beef or lamb, cumin, black pepper, egg (for dough), kazy. Usually served with broth.

Shivit Oshi, uzbek food

Shivit Oshi

Ingredients: dill-infused noodles, topping: fried meat, potatoes, pepper, tomatoes, carrot. Served with sour cream.
Available only in Khiva.


Achichuk, uzbek food


Ingredients: tomato, cucumber, onion.

Spring salad, uzbek food

Vesenniy (spring) salad

Ingredients: plain yogurt, cucumber, red radish, greens. Although named spring, the salad is available from early spring till late autumn.

Suzma, uzbek food


Ingredients: drained plain yogurt, salt.

Cold soft drinks

Ayran, uzbek food


Ingredients: yogurt, sparkling or still water, salt.



Ingredients: cooked fruits in a large volume of water, sugar.