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Sarmish-say Tours, Uzbekistan

Group Tours and Private Sarmish-say Trips

Sarmishsay tours will be an unforgettable travel to the museum of petroglyphs under an open sky with more than 10000 rock carvings from the Stone, Bronze ages and the medieval times. The territory of the Sarmishsay "gallery" is immense - 20 square kilometers. There are also burial sites and sanctuaries located not far from the petroglyphs.

Advantour offers you Sarmish-say gorge tours. You will find rich and interesting excursion to the Sarmish-say petroglyphs, professional guides and interpreters.

Two-day Aydarkul and Sarmishsay Tour

Aydarkul and Sarmishsay Tour

This active short tour takes you to Sharmishsay, with a unique gallery of over 10,000 petroglyphs. Then, experience a taste of the nomadic life, with a visit to Aydarkul Lake, where you can go swimming, ride a camel, and stay in a yurt.

Nurata, Sarmish-Say, Aydarkul

Details2 Days | Spring, summer, autumn
from US$ 250 per person