Anbar-bibi mausoleum near Tashkent

In Zangi-ata village of Tashkent region there is a monument of the end of 14 – beginning of 15 century – this is Anbar-bibi mausoleum (or Kambar-ana) - the wife of Zangi-ata. In legends she also is called Anbar-bibi - this saint woman was patroness of women and mothers.

Anbar-bibi mausoleum is situated on the cemetery to the southwest from Zangiata mausoleum. Two stepped headstones situate in the mausoleum-over the burial place of Anbar-bibi and Ulugpashi.

Mausoleum is one chamber, portal domical kiosk, like cube with cut corners and small portal prominent from it. Niches with flat end faced on the sides of front, this is unusual form, and probably it was caused because of change in design during the construction.

The building is crosswise covered by double sphere conical cupola on the arch canvases; external-in the cylindrical drum. Five arches of canvases are let down low. Décor did not remain; by old pictures is known brick mosaic on the drum of cupola. Walls are from burnt bricks (25/26-5/6 cm). Sizes: 9×6.4 m, height is 13.5 m, room-4.8 ×4.8 m.

Near Anbar-bibi mausoleum one can always see women pilgrims from different parts of Uzbekistan, to ask saint patroness to gift a child, well-being and prosperity for their families.