FoodWeek & Horeca Uzbekistan 2020

Date: from 04-NOV-20 to 06-NOV-20
City: Tashkent
The 25th International Exhibition of Food and Drinks, Food Processing and Packaging and HoReCa in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Venue: Uzexpocentre
Organizer Website:

About FoodWeek Uzbekistan 2020:

The 25th International Exhibition of Food and Drinks, Food Processing and Packaging and HoReCa in the Republic of Uzbekistan "FoodWeek & Horeca Uzbekistan" will be held from 4 to 6 November 2020 in Tashkent.

Food industry of Uzbekistan

The average annual growth rate of food production is 9-10 percent. Consistent implementation of measures for the development and diversification of the industry has allowed over the past 5 years to ensure the expansion of the raw material base and increase the volume of production. Currently, more than 9700 enterprises of the food industry operate in the Republic. by 2017-2021, it is expected to increase food production by 1.4 times, fruit and vegetable processed products-by 2 times, fruit and vegetable exports by 2.3 times. At the same time, commercial banks and international financial institutions are involved in the development of small business and private entrepreneurship in the sector, as well as in the creation of export infrastructure and logistics.

Exhibtion sections:

Food and drinks

  • Grain, rice, flour, sugar, vegetable oil and other commodities;
  • Fresh meat, frozen meat, sausages, canned meat, etc.;
  • Fresh fish, frozen fish, canned fish, etc.;
  • Fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, canned vegetables, etc;
  • Baby foods, special dietary foods;
  • Chocolate, chewing gum, and other confectionary;
  • Packaged and processed foods;
  • Beverages; beer, wine, spirts, soft drinks, juice, water, tea, coffee;
  • Grocery products, pet foods, and tobacco products.


  • Resto-franchise;
  • Gastronomy. Products for restaurants;
  • Equipment for restaurants and cafes;
  • Service for restaurants and cafes;
  • Automation;
  • Furniture and accessories;
  • Information technology, software, integrated solutions and services for the food industry;
  • Automation of the process of accounting and logistics goods;
  • Integrated engineering solutions.

Food & Drink Processing Technologies

  • Meat and poultry processing technologies;
  • Seafood processing technologies;
  • Drink processing technologies;
  • Fruit and vegetable processing technologies;
  • Dairy production and processing technologies;
  • Baking equipment and supplies;
  • Food ingredients;
  • Refrigeration, storage and transportation technologies;
  • Agricultural, horticultural and floricultural technologies.

Packaging Technologies & Supplies

  • Packaging machinery and technologies;
  • Bottling equipment and technologies;
  • Labeling machinery and technologies;
  • Packaging components;
  • Pet plastic containers and pet machinery;
  • Materials, papers, films, foils & resins;
  • Packaging containers;
  • Packaging materials;
  • Packaging services.