UzEnergyExpo 2020

Date: from 21-OCT-20 to 23-OCT-20
City: Tashkent
15th International specialized exhibition "Power engineering. Energy saving. Lighting. Electrical engineering"

Venue: Uzexpocentre
Site of the organizer:

About "UzEnergyExpo 2020":

The 15th International specialized exhibition "Uzenergyexpo 2020" will take place in NEC "Uzexpocentre" from 21 to 23 October 2020 in Tashkent.

The exhibition "UzEnergyExpo 2020" is an important business event for the energy market of Uzbekistan, a kind of "indicator" of the industry. Each year the exhibition "Uzenergyexpo", specialized industry experts, oil, engineering, construction, installation companies, utilities and public facilities can examine all the offers of the market, compare, select and purchase the necessary equipment. World leaders and leading local companies present at the show the latest energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions, design and technology in the field of electrical engineering, energy and power systems, energy conservation, cabling and wiring products, lighting, industrial automation.

Energy industry is one of the main industry’s branches in Uzbekistan as in all over the world. In general energy complex of the country effects on economics’ development. Development of any branches, including industry, transport, construction, agriculture and others is impossible without energy industry. Universal electrification enabled the development of production and infrastructure of cities and regions of the republic, the industrial advancement of all sectors of the national economy. Thereupon, conducting of the international exhibition «UzEnergyExpo» makes a significant contribution to the development of domestic enterprises in the energy and electrical industries, directs them to producing competitive products that meet to international specification of quality.

In this regard, the international exhibition "Uzenergyexpo" making a significant contribution to the development of domestic enterprises in the energy and electrical industries, directs them to produce competitive products that meet international quality standards. This exhibition aims to attract professionals and electrical power industries. The exhibitors - manufacturers and suppliers of technologies and services in the energy field and electrical engineering, energy conservation specialists from organizations of housing and communal services, the staff of research institutions. The wide scope and increase the participation of a representative international prestige of the exhibition, extend the capabilities of the electricity market of Uzbekistan and prospects of cooperation with foreign producers.

Thematically the exhibition includes five majors sections: "Power engineering", "RES. Energy saving", "Lighting", "Electrical engineering", "Cables. Wires. Fittings".

Exhibition Sections:

Industry power engineering

  • Electric power engineering
  • Hydropower engineering
  • Thermal power engineering
  • Public power engineering
  • Electric, heat, and gas supply systems
  • Pipelines
  • Connecting, stop valves, regulators, reducing gears
  • Gas-fired burners
  • Power in building
  • Industrial lighting
  • Power machine building
  • Turbines and auxiliary equipment
  • Boilers and auxiliary equipment
  • Diesel engines and diesel generators
  • Heat-exchangers
  • Compressors
  • Control and measuring devices and diagnostics
  • Automated systems of technological processes management
  • Systems and devices for measuring, accounting and control

RES. Energy saving

  • Devices for accounting and saving of heat and power
  • Cogeneration (energy generating complexes based on gas-turbine units or explosion engines, gas-turbine units of low capacity, explosion engines)
  • Resource saving equipment for effective use of fuel, heat and electrical power in heat and water supply systems
  • Illuminating equipment: enegy-saving lamps, lighting devices, starting and control apparatuses
  • Alternative and renewable power: biopower, wind power, solar power, small hydraulic power engineering
  • Renewable energy sources


  • Lighting industrial facilities in various fields
  • Lighting of streets, underpasses, road junctions and highways
  • The light sources, LEDs
  • Lighting control system and the light measuring instruments

Electrical engineering

  • Electrical equipment
  • Equipment for power transmission lines
  • Electric motors, electric generators, electric drives
  • Converters, transformers, transformer substations
  • Power electronics
  • High-voltage equipment
  • Low-voltage equipment
  • Wiring goods and products for electrical installations
  • Distributing gears, switchboard equipment
  • Protection equipment for electrical installations
  • Protection equipment for electrical installations
  • Electric welding and electrothermal equipment

Cables. Wires. Fittings

  • Low, medium and high voltage power cables for stationary cable laying
  • Control, communication, fibre-optic, special purpose cables
  • Wires for overhead transmission lines, high voltage, communication, special purpose, winding, low voltage wires
  • Cable terminals for transformers and switchgear, connectors, fitting. Fibre-optic component parts connectors. Components and devices for cable installation and cable laying. Equipment, tools and devices for laying and installation of cables and wires. Inspection tools and instruments for cable and wire laying and installation
  • Cable and wire laying and installation technologies.