UzSecureExpo 2020

Date: from 21-OCT-20 to 23-OCT-20
City: Tashkent
10th International exhibition "Industrial safety and fire protection"

Venue: Uzexpocentre
Site of the organizer:

About "UzSecureExpo":

Under present conditions it is impossible to effectively perform the tasks of ensuring the national, social and personal security without an integrated approach to solving them. The exhibition «UzSecureExpo – 2020», which will be held from 21 to 23 October 2020, have an opportunity to discuss important issues on personal and public safety.

The exhibition will show the range of equipment and new approaches to security, such as: technical means to ensure safety in industrial, alarm systems for fire and smoke, the equipment to provide integrated security, fire trucks, walkie-talkie.

Exhibition sections:

Safety technologies.

Security technologies:

  • Integrated security systems
  • Alarm system and alert
  • CCTV and surveillance
  • Access control systems
  • Special bank equipment
  • Personal safety and equipment
  • Anti-terrorist and inspection equipment

Special Transportation
Industrial safety systems
System and the protection of information and special technical equipment
Insurance services in the field of security

Systems and means of fire safety:

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Systems and fire protection
  • Fire retardant materials and structures
  • Equipment and Accessories
  • Fire trucks and special units

Means of escape:

  • Engineering, technology, equipment to prevent accidents and mitigation of their consequences
  • Personal protection equipment for first aid
  • Equipment and supplies Fire and Rescue
  • Saver
  • Mine Rescue Equipment and Supplies
  • Personal respiratory protection
  • Living facilities

Labor protection.

Production and sale of personal protective equipment:

  • Special Clothing
  • Special shoes
  • Protective equipment for head, face, eyes, arms, breathing and hearing, safety belts

Collective protection
Measuring and control instruments
Safety equipment and technology
Technical and fire safety
Sanitary and domestic services
Scientific research on occupational safety
Occupational medicine. Occupational health
Normative, methodological, educational literature on occupational safety

Environmental protection.

Industrial Ecology

  • Environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring and research
  • Protection and management of water resources
  • Water treatment, water supply, drainage, pumping equipment and piping
  • Waste water treatment and recycling
  • Equipment for recycling various industrial production (machinery, wood processing, metallurgy, chemistry)
  • Collection, transportation, storage of waste
  • Waste to energy
  • Recycling of industrial, oil and medical waste
  • Analytical, laboratory and test equipment, tools, materials
  • Devices and systems for non-destructive testing
  • Production, storage, transport flammable, toxic, highly toxic substances
  • Systems and means of ventilation and air conditioning
  • Dust control devices and gas, humidity, temperature, radiation and electromagnetic radiation, pollutants, noise, voltage networks
  • Industrial risks insurance