UzFood Uzbekistan 2020

Date: from 17-SEP-20 to 19-SEP-20
City: Tashkent
20th Uzbek International Exhibition "Food Industry"

Venue: Uzexpocentre
Official site:

About "UzFood Uzbekistan 2020":

The 20th Uzbek International Exhibition "Food Industry – UzFood Uzbekistan 2020" ("WorldFood Uzbekistan") will be held in Uzexpocentre from 17 to 19 September 2020.

"UzFood Uzbekistan 2020" is a vibrant show, which celebrates the best products on Uzbekistan’s food market. It provides a great opportunity for food suppliers to meet 4,500 targeted visitors, making it an ideal place to gauge interest for a product and discover more about Uzbekistan’s food industry and its key players.

Uzbekistan has one of Central Asia's most dynamically developing economies. The Government is introducing new reforms to accelerate development of the country socially and economically, including measures to improve the business environment for SMEs. Along with one of the best transport networks in Central Asia and an increasing demand for food and food production technologies, Uzbekistan has a favourable investment climate.

Exhibition Sections:


  • Meat and poultry
  • Fish and seafood
  • Diary products and ice cream
  • Fat and oil products
  • Grocery
  • Vegetables and fruit
  • Canned products
  • Frozen products
  • Finished products
  • Baby food and dietary food
  • Alcohol-free beverages
  • Alcoholic beverages


  • Pastry and bakery products, snacks
  • Dough processing
  • Baking equipment
  • Equipment for bakeries (storage racks, conveyor belts, trolleys, etc.)
  • Yeast products
  • Fillings
  • Glazes and creams
  • Dough pieces
  • Aromas, essences and flavourings


  • Acidifiers, supplements
  • Cultures and leaven
  • Egg products
  • Emulsifiers
  • Extracts
  • Fats and oils
  • Ferments
  • Flavouring agents
  • Herbs, seasonings, spices
  • Hydrocolloids, stabilisers, jellying agents
  • Preservatives
  • Sweeteners
  • Yeast


  • Meat and fish processing equipment
  • Dairy processing equipment
  • Fat and oil production equipment
  • Confectionery equipment
  • Pasta and ravioli production equipment
  • Canning equipment
  • Bottling equipment
  • Equipment for laboratory analysis


  • Coffee, tea
  • Complex rigging of hotels, public catering, trade enterprises
  • Food and drinks for HoReCa
  • Trade and fridge equipment
  • Table dishes and utensils
  • Coffee-machines
  • Interior design and finishing
  • Automation and safety systems
  • Fast food and catering systems
  • Professional cleaning and personal hygiene product


  • Machinery, equipment and parts for the packaging of food production
  • Equipment for food packaging
  • Equipment for the production of food containers and packaging
  • Equipment for the production of glass
  • Weighing, dispensing and filling equipment
  • Final packaging line
  • Equipment for printing on food packaging
  • Equipment and technologies for packaging and beverage packaging
  • Mixing equipment for liquids
  • Washing machines for fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Printing, coding, marking and stamping, labeling