Lori Landmaks, Armenia

Haghpat Monastery

Haghpat Monastery, Lori

The medieval monastery complex Haghpat is one of the the most ancient Lori landmarks; it was built in the 10th – 13th centuries. Haghpat monastery was the largest centre of science with rich collection of manuscripts. It had the premises for the library manuscripts copying, refectories and universities.

Sanahin Monastery

Sanahin Monastery, Lori

Not far from the city of Alaverdi is located one of largest cities of Lori, the ancient settlement of Sanahin known for its unique landmark – the monastery of the 10th - 13th century. Sanahin Monastery rightly included in the list of best landmarks of Lori as a real treasure of ancient Armenian architecture.

Odzun Temple

Odzun Temple, Lori

To the south from the city of Alaverdi there is the majestic Odzun temple (6-th – 7-th ). Despite its age Odzun has survived in perfect condition and nowadays the temple is one of the marvelous attractions of Lori. The stone temple is a rectangular monolith of a building with four cross-shaped facades crowned with a high dome on faceted drum.