Cultural Tourism in Armenia

Cultural tourism in Armenia offers you many joyful and reviving experiences, that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy rich cultural life of Yerevan by visiting local theaters and concert halls, learn about the history at numerous museums, dedicated to the hardships, bravery and victories of this fearless nation, wave a carpet according the centuries old traditions, savor delicious local cuisine and feel free with the rich aromas and taste of world famous Armenian Cognac. Do not miss the spectacular views of the entire city from the giant Cascade Staircase.

Cultural tours in Armenia are the blend of religious sights, beautiful nature, high mountains, noisy rivers, ancient fortifications, villages and the taste of rich cognac.

Opera and Ballet Theatre, Yerevan
Mesrop Mashtots Matenadaran, Yerevan
National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan

Close to the city stands two thousand years old temple of Garni, one of the last remaining pagan temples in the region. From the pagan past move to the Christian life of Armenia by visiting the first Christian temple Etchmiadzin, witness “the dancing of eagles” at Haghartsin Monastery and enjoy mesmerizing views to the blue colors of the Lake Sevan, contrasting with the snow caped tops of surrounding mountains. The longest tramway in Tatev will take you to one of the most sacred monasteries in Armenia, surrounded with incredible nature. Get adventurous at the caves of Khndzoresk and Areni and learn about the beautiful Armenian Alphabet at Oshakan.

From the very first moments, when you set your eyes on this magical land, during whole trip, you will gain invaluable experiences and unforgettable traveling memories.