Momik Wines, Armenia

Momik Wines, Armenia

Situated amidst breathtaking mountain scenery near the village of Areni in Armenia's Vayots Dzor region, Momik Wines offers more than just quality wine - it offers a wholesome experience of warm hospitality, delectable meals, and enriching wine tastings. This region boasts a rich historical connection to winemaking, being home to the oldest known winery dating back over 6,000 years.

Upon visiting Momik Wines, you'll be greeted by the gracious hosts, Nver and Narine Nazaryan, who delight in sharing their deep knowledge about viticulture and winemaking. Whether you opt for a delicious dinner in their charming tasting room overlooking the mountains or choose to dine amidst their sprawling vineyards, your experience is sure to be memorable.

Their Story

The journey of Momik Wines as a commercial enterprise began in 2017, and the picturesque hilltop tasting spot, nestled among slender vine rows, was unveiled just a year later. The Nazaryan family has been proud custodians of these vineyards for over four decades. While Nver's parents were grape growers too, the family originally crafted wine only for personal use, selling the majority of their grape yield.

The turning point came when the Nazaryans took part in the Farm-to-Bottle Program, a financial support initiative for grape growers. This program catalyzed the transformation of their family business, enabling them to utilize their home-grown grapes to produce their own wine, instead of selling them to large-scale wineries.

The Momik Wines name pays homage to the renowned medieval Armenian architect, Momik, who was the mastermind behind the nearby Noravank Monastery. Beyond his architectural prowess, Momik was a gifted stone carver, known for crafting intricate ornaments and patterns that have withstood the test of time. In a beautiful nod to this tradition, Narine Nazaryan, a skilled practitioner of this ancient art, offers thematic masterclasses for interested visitors.

Wine and Ambiance

Momik Wines, Armenia

Momik Wines cultivates a variety of grapes including Areni Noir, Tozot, Seirak, Voskeat, Khatun Kharji, and Muscat, many of which are endemic to Armenia. The vineyards are nurtured under the most natural conditions, steering clear of artificial fertilizers. Following age-old Armenian winemaking traditions, the harvested grapes are fermented in clay karas or oak barrels.

What sets Momik Wines apart is the inviting atmosphere, making it a favorite destination for both tourists and locals. The warm hospitality and the delectable wine tasting experiences have visitors returning often, bringing along friends and family to share in the delight.

During a wine tasting session, visitors are treated to a trio of their wines - rosé, white, and red, each served alongside an array of appetizers. Beyond the unique bouquets and vibrant aftertastes of these wines, guests are charmed by the storytelling that weaves tales of Armenia and local winemaking traditions. It's a sensory journey, with captivating narratives, nature's beauty, exquisite wine, and heartfelt hospitality.

Momik Wines is a featured stop on the popular wine tour of the region, which covers six of the area's most renowned wineries. So, when exploring Armenia, ensure you don't miss the authentic experience at Momik Wines, where great wine, hearty meals, and a warm welcome await you!