Trinity Canyon Vineyards, Armenia

Trinity Canyon Vineyards, Armenia

The Armenian region of Vayots Dzor is considered the birthplace of the famous grape variety Areni. It is also the cradle of world winemaking. Here, in the cave of Areni, the traces of the oldest wine production were found, the age of which exceeds 6100 years.

Not far from the cave is located the winery, producing wines according to the ancient traditions of Armenian winemaking. The owners consider the process of winemaking as a special kind of art. It has become an essential part of their life. One of the founders of the winery Hovakim Saghatelyan sincerely believes that the wine reflects our thoughts and feelings. This means that to obtain a soulful, living drink, the intentions of its makers must be pure and noble.


Trinity Canyon Vineyards, Armenia

Grapes at the Trinity Canyon Vineyards grow at an altitude of about 1300 meters above sea level, in a picturesque place in the village of Ahavnadhor. The soils here are volcanic, stony-loamy, which is ideal for growing vines and obtaining fertile crops. In the process of growing grapes, no chemicals, pesticides, and other substances are used. Everything is organic and natural, and the grapes are harvested by hand.

Many famous varieties, like Areni Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Voskehat grow at the Trinity Canyon Vineyards. The wine is fermented according to traditional Armenian technology: in karases and oak barrels.


Trinity Canyon Vineyards, Armenia

Trinity Canyon Vineyards produces red, rosé, and white wines.

We recommend trying the following ones:

Trinity Estate 6100 Areni Noir: dry red wine, with dark ruby color and elegant bouquet of ripe fruit, cherries, and caramel. You will enjoy this full-bodied drink with a harmonious combination of sweetness and light sourness, and the aftertaste will surprise you with hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Voskehat Ancestors’ Dry natural amber wine: aromatic, amber-colored dry wine, aged for 6 months in clay casks, with distinguished sourness. In the aftertaste, notes of apricot, ripe pear and cinnamon are felt.

Trinity Crossroads Syrah Areni: dry red wine made from 75% Syrah grapes and 25% Areni, with the aroma of ripe berries and prunes, and the taste of dark chocolate and black pepper. It is common to open a bottle at least an hour before serving, to get the richer taste.

Trinity E Voskehat 2020: dry white wine with a delicate aroma of green apples and freshly cut grass, distinguished with the light sourness and bitterness in the aftertaste.

Trinity Canyon Vineyards, Armenia

Tour Types

The Trinity Canyon Vineyards offers its guests several packages: wine tasting, tour of the winery and wine cellar, dinners, and events. In addition, one can participate in the harvest and communicate with locals and learn about Armenian viticulture and winemaking.

To organize a personal tour, you can contact Advantour team. We offer you individual programs to introduce you to the traditions and culture of Armenia, to make your trip memorable.

A visit to the Trinity Canyon Vineyards winery will give you many thrilling emotions. You can taste unique wines from endemic grape varieties and meet hospitable locals, who would love to show you around.