Legends of Kyrgyzstan: At Bashi

At Bashi tells the story of a herder who had sold his cattle in the Andijan region (now in Uzbekistan). When he returned from the market, exhausted, he settled down in a jailoo (summer pasture) and turned his horse free. When he tried to corral the horse the next morning, it ran away. He chased it and chased it, and when he caught it, he killed it and cooked its meat. He left the head behind and named the place At-Bashi, the Horse’s Head. He ate the meat along his journey, and then named the place where he had his last meal from the carcass Naryn, after the soup with finely cut meat that he made. If you find Andijan and Naryn on the map, you will see that they are quite far apart - the man went a long way to sell his cattle, and chased the horse for quite a distance!