Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek

(Sovetskaya Street 196, is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 - 17:00)

The museum is dedicated to the Kyrgyz people, applied arts, Russian art and the art of the Soviet period. The museum was initially founded as the National Art Gallery and lodged in the St Nicholas Church, Oak Park. Now the church is the Artists' Union Gallery. The building of the modern museum was built in 1974 as one of the projects within the framework of the city improvement program. The museum exhibits masterpieces of national arts and household such as yurts, unchanging shyrdaks and so on. In total, the collection lists over 17,500 items. Also the museum displays several collections of artworks of the Soviet period, Egyptian and Greek reproductions, classical Western sculptures and a collection of Theodor Herzen’s works dedicated to Manas folk epic.