Tajik Cuisine - Sweets

The sweet table of Tajik cuisine is very specific, variable and extensive. Tajiks as well as other Muslims (Arabs, Persians, Turks), do not know a dessert as a final dish. Sweets, drinks and fruit which in Europe crown any meal are served twice during meals in Orient, and sometimes even three times - they are served before, after and during meals. The national pastry - twiglets, puff sweet pies and, naturally, halvah - is very popular and delicious. It is a must in Orient. Traditional sweets are crystal sugar (nabat), nishallo (a creamy mass from sugar, whipped egg whites and soaproot), and traditional candies (pichak).

Halvaitar (Liquid flour halvah).

Flour is gradually added to pre-heated mutton fat and fried stirred slowly before brown color. Then they add sugar syrup and mix. Ready halvah is poured in plates. It is cooled down and cut in pieces. Sometimes they add nuts, almonds, pistachios, vanillin to halvah.