Pamir Highway Tour 2022 Departures8 Days | Pamir highway, Dushanbe, Hissar fortress, Kalai-Khumb, Khorog, Ishkashim, Langar, Murgab, Karakul Lake, Kyzylart BP, Sary-Tash

Pamir Highway Tour 2022 Departures

Pamir Highway Tour is a fascinating trip to Tajikistan where you will cross many high-mountain passes, winding serpentine roads, see monuments of the Islamic, Buddhist and unique Pamir cultures. Moreover, you will have around like-minded adventurers to share your impressions and experiences.
The tour will start in the capital of Tajikistan where you will see the main sights of Dushanbe and its surroundings. After this informative entry, you will have a week of snow-capped mountains, as the height will be closer, you will have acclimatization to the air of the Pamir Mountains. You will see beautiful villages, wild flows of the River Pyandj, cross one of the highest passes – Ak- Baytal (4655 m) and learn a lot about the history of the Pamir tract once connected to the Great Silk Road and the Great Game.
Pamir Highway Tour is not merely a walking trip. It is a choice of real adventurers. Check out the detailed tour program, select the appropriate date, and start preparing for a memorable expedition!

Pamir Highway Tour itinerary:

Day 1, Fr: Dushanbe – arrival
Arrive in Dushanbe. You will be met by Advantour driver and transferred to the hotel. Check in to the hotel at noon. Free time. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 2, Sa: Dushanbe
In the morning start city tour in the capital and the biggest city of Tajikistan. Visit Tajikistan National Museum of Antiquities, where the famous statue of Buddha in Nirvana is preserved. Continue to the Botanical garden, favorite leisure venue of locals. The next spot is a local bazaar, where you will feel real Tajik spirit and see eastern art of trading. Head to discover the remains of Hissar Fortress, where you will see the buildings of the 8-18th centuries (30 km). Namely, Makdumi Azam Mausoleum (10-16th centuries) Sangin Mosque (8-16th centuries), Medrese Kuhna (means ‘Ancient’, 16th century), Medrese Nav (means ‘New’, 17th century), caravan-saray of the 19th century and Arched gates of Hissar (16th century ). Return to Dushanbe. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 3, Su: Dushanbe – Kalai-Khumb (370 km, 8-10 h)
Departure to Pamir Mountains via the Chormazak and Shar-Shar passes. The road lies through the city of Kulyab and along Afghanistan border. On the way down from the Shar-Shar pass you will enjoy picturesque view of the man-made Nurek reservoir. Visit Hulbuk Fortress and the museum in the Vose district. Lunch in Kulyab. After, a short excursion to Mir Said Aliya Hamadoni Mausoleum. Drive along the river Pyanj to Kalai-Khumb. Overnight at the hotel.
Road conditions: well paved road.
Day 4, Mo: Kalai-Khumb – Khorog (240 km, 6 h)
Today your Pamir Highway tour will take you along the Panj River, a tributary of the mighty Amu Darya River. You will see Afghanistan from the right side across the river. Continue driving to Khorog, a small mountain valley town, the capital of the autonomous Gorno-Badakhshan region. The city lies 2000 m above sea level, strung out irregularly along the slopes of the dashing Gunt River. A few kilometers downstream, the Gunt merges with the Panj, the river that marks the border with Afghanistan. Overnight at the hotel*.
*In Khorog, you will have the last hotel with Wi-Fi. Further in your route, there will be no Internet.
Road conditions: All day you will drive through a dirt road with a rare paved parts.
Day 5, Tu: Khorog – Ishkashim (120 km, 4-5 h)
You will start the day with a visit to the Botanic Garden and museum. After, head to a famous mineral hot spring Garm-Chashma. Depart to Ishkashim, a small town at the mouth of the Wakhan corridor, where the 19th century Great Game ended. Continue up the north side of the river with amazing views of the Pamir on your left and the Hindu Kush on the ride sides; a number of peaks in view are above 6,000 m. Overnight at the guesthouse.
Road conditions: the first half from Khorog to Ishkashim is a poor dirt road, the second part is paved. 6km ramp to Garm-Chashma has a bad ground.
Day 6, We: Ishkashim – Langar (140 km, 6-7 h)
Drive from Ishkashim to Langar. On the way, visit Kah-Kaha, one of the old fortresses on the Silk Road. Then, continue to the ruins of Yamchun Fortress (4-3rd centuries B.C.), sacred hot springs of Bibi Fatima Zahra, the Museum of Sufi Muborak-Kadami Vakhani, a local Sufi scholar, theologian, poet and traveller, who died in 1910. There is a stone pillar with a hole near his house that he used to calculate a solar calendar and a building with inscriptions and decorations. We will also visit Buddhist Stupa. Homestay overnight.
Road conditions: All day you will drive on the paved and smooth road, only descent and ascent to the Yamchun fortress lies across a bad dirt road.
Day 7, Th: Langar – Murgab (240 km, 6-7 h)
Start the day with a trip to petroglyphs. There are more than 600 rock carvings made by prehistoric people. Continue to Khargush, source of Amu Darya River, via Khargush Pass (4344 m) and Nazay-Tash Pass (4137 m). Arrive in Murgab. Homestay overnight*.
*It might be difficult to fall asleep on the height of 3600meters due to the lack of oxygen and dry air.
Road conditions: the first half of the way will be a dirt road, the second half, on the turn towards Khorog, there will be a bad sinuous paving.
Day 8, Fr: Murgab – Karakul Lake – Kyzylart – Sary-Tash – Osh (390 km, 10-11 h)
At 7:00 am transfer to the Karakul Lake. The road to the Karakul Lake lies through the Ak-Baital (White Horse) Pass, the highest pass (4655 m) in the former USSR. People call it “The Roof of the World”. After stopover at the Karakul Lake, the largest lake in Tajikistan (3800 m), drive to Osh (Kyrgyzstan) via Kyzylart and Taldyk Passes. Arrive at border check point. The border checkpoints are located 9 km far from each other; Tajik and Kyrgyz drivers will interchange. Head to Osh (230 km, 3-4 hours). Transfer to your hotel/place in Osh. End of the tour.
Road conditions: From Murghab to Sary-Tash, the road will lie through a decent pavement, and only the high-mountain passes of Ak-Baytal and Kyzyl-Art have bad roads (approximately 50 km), and from Sary-Tash to Osh, the road is paved.

Traveler tips:

1. There will be limited access to the internet during the Pamir Highway tour.  Access to the Internet will be in Dushanbe, Kalai-Khumb and Khorog. In Ishkashim, Langar and Murghab, there is no internet access.
2. Traveling to high altitudes can cause an altitude-related illness, such as headache, dizziness, weakness, cogwheel breathing, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, apathy and others. The tour program has gradual ascend to minimize manifest of high altitude-related symptoms. We recommend to monitor how you feel and drink water frequently (2.5 – 3 l water a day).
3. We also recommend packing different entertainment items with you to Pamir Highway tour: music, books, board games, etc. At times, you will have long hour drives; since after Khorog, there will be no access to the Internet and TV and evenings in the guesthouses may seem boring.


  • All transfers;
  • Accommodation based on double/twin room sharing, breakfasts included;
  • Full-board from Day 2;
  • Service of an English-speaking guide;
  • Entrance fees to sights as per itinerary;
  • Visa support for Tajikistan tourist visa;
  • Mineral water.
  • Hotel charges for additional services;
  • Lunch/Dinner on Day 1 and Dinner on Day 8;
  • Accommodation in Osh;
  • Consular fees for Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan tourist visas;
  • GBAO permit;
  • Personal travel insurance.


Dushanbe - 2 nights
Kalai-Khumb - 1 night
Karon Palace
Khorog - 1 night
Dekhli Darbor, Lal
Ishkashim - 1 night
Langar - 1 night
Murgab - 1 night