Wedding Rituals and Traditions - Kerchief

A headscarf meant a lot in wedding rituals. On "gelin toi" day (wedding of the bride) women from all over the village brought their wedding gifts and sweets wrapped in shawls. When they were about to leave, they got their shawls back full of presents equal to those they had brought. A big shawl itself was considered a kind of a gift. A kerchief was the most valuable prize to win during men's contests.

A bride's wedding procession was decorated with colored kerchiefs. The scarf is still an important decoration of a wedding ceremony.

All young women and girls come to the wedding in bright kerchiefs. Not too long ago, on the way to the house of the future husband, the wedding cortege presented all the people they met with small handkerchiefs and pieces of cloth “to neutralize the evil forces that could harm a young family”.

Nowadays, wedding guests are given small pieces of fabric, kerchiefs "shardik", and handkerchiefs. This is a sign of celebration and prosperity. They also bring gifts to the groom's house: shawls, cuts of fabric, carpets, rugs, felt, bedding (at gulak).