Vegetarian food in Khiva

Uzbek cuisine in Khiva differs from the rest of the country. In this western region of Uzbekistan, they cook specific dishes and some of them are vegetarian. Despite the fact, that there is not a big choice of restaurants in Khiva, two of them surely offer vegetarian dishes in Uzbek style. Please note that meals need to be pre-ordered.

Zerafshan Restaurant Where: 44, Pahlavon Makhmud str.
Phone: +99891 434-98-17
Zerafshan is a cozy restaurant in national style named after its owner and the chief cook. This small restaurant located in the old madrasa offers its guests the following vegetarian dishes:
- pumpkin, vegetable or cauliflower cream soup;
- tukhum barak (egg filled ravioliz);
- kuk barak (greens filled ravioli);
- vegetable ragu;
- vegetable cutlets;
- dimlama (then stewed vegetables).
Advance ordering is required.
Yasovul Boshi
Yasovul Boshi Restaurant Where: 1, Abdulla Boltaev str.
Phone: +99891 434-98-17
Yasovul Boshi is another restaurant owned by Zerafshan-opa. The vegetarian food options are the same as at Zerafshan restaurant.
Advance ordering is required.