Kupkari in celebration of Navruz

Category: Uzbekistan holidays

 Navruz On March 25, 2012 the Samarkand region will hold popular contests devoted to Navruz.

At the local hippodrome, tourists and citizens of Uzbekistan will see Uzbek traditional contests: "Kiz Kuvar" (catch the girl), "Belbogi Kurash" (Kurash wrestling on belts), "Ot ustida Kurash" (Horse struggle or fight on horseback), "Olomon poyga" (mass horse race), "Olmon Kupkari" (mass kupkari or ulak) dorboza performance (rope walkers), performances of masarobozas (folk jesters and clowns) and Polvons (athletes).

Also, the festivities will include the ulok (Kupkari): competition of the best Uzbek horsemen. The racetrack will feature yurts, the traditional homes of nomads, and traditional music. Guests of the holiday will enjoy the well-known Samarkand pilaf, sumalak and other traditional dishes. In addition here will be an exhibition and fair of Uzbek souvenirs.