Uzbekistan Food Tour

Uzbekistan Food Tour

This 10-day Uzbekistan Food Tour will introduce you not only to the flavors of Uzbek national dishes, but will also teach you how to cook them. Enjoy the wines of this sunny land while visiting Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva.

Tashkent, Samarkand, Gijduvan, Bukhara, Khiva

10 Days | All year round | from US$ 1,600 per person Details

Vegetarian Food in Tashkent

Vegetarian food in Tashkent is fairly easy to find these days, as there are a growing number of eateries offering international cuisine with meat-free options as well as modified local dishes. While there are few exclusively vegetarian restaurants in Tashkent, the capital’s ever-increasing selection of vegetarian-friendly cafes and restaurants will satisfy most customers.

To simplify your search, we have listed some popular restaurants in Tashkent with a good selection of vegetarian options:

Afsona Restaurant Where: 30, Taras Shevchenko str., Tashkent
Phone: +99871 252-56-81/82
Afsona (means the Legend from Uzbek) restaurant offers the following vegetarian food options:
- potato samsa (samosa, baked stuffed pastry), samsa with cheese and spinach;
- manti (steamed stuffed dumplings) with pumpkin (seasonal);
- khanum (steamed thin dumplings rolled) with vegetables;
- kuk shurpa (soup with greens, vegetables and eggs, garnished with sour cream);
- vegetable shashlik (skewered barbeque).
Bon! Coffee house Where: 63, U.Nasir str.; 40, Chekhov str.; 21, Chimkentskaya str., Tashkent
Phones: +99871 280-51-16, 150-18-33, 256-34-04
Bon! is a chain of cafes, with a good variety of vegetarian food, coffee and desserts. There you will find such vegetarian dishes as - panini (Italian style sandwich) with cheese and tomatoes;
- blinchiki (Russian pancakes stuffed) with cheese and tomatoes;
- galette with vegetables and fried eggs, omelettes;
- french quiches (open pastry crust with a filling);
- cream soups and salads.
Gruzinskiy Dvorik
Gruzinskiy Dvorik Restaurant Where: 15, A.Kakhhar str., Tashkent
Phone: +99871 129-07-70
Gruzinskiy Dvorik (Georgian Courtyard from Russian) restaurant has a great choice of vegetarian dishes:
- khorovats (vegetable salad prepared on the mangal);
- green lobio with nuts, red lobio with nuts, green lobio with eggs;
- pkhali (vegetable salad from beetroot, carrots, spinach with nuts and spices);
- adjapsandali (sautéed aubergines with vegtables);
- soup lobachash (beans, rice and walnuts);
- vareniki (Russian ravioli) with suluguni (brined Georgian cheese);
- mengreli mushrooms (champingnons sautéed in butter sauce with onions);
- potatoes with mushrooms and tomatoes.
Caravan Restaurant Where: 22, A.Kakhhar str., Tashkent
Phone: +99871 150-66-06
The Caravan restaurant, popular among tourists, offers such vegetarian meals as
- samsa (samosa, baked stuffed pastry) with pumpkin, potatoes or spinach (seasonal availability);
- manti (steamed stuffed dumplings) with pumpkin;
- khanum (steamed thin dumplings rolled) with potatoes;
- tukhum-barak (ravioli stuffed with eggs);
- steamed vegetables, potato or mushroom shashlik (skewered barbeque);
- you might also try shashlik from other seasonal vegetables too.
City Grill New
City Grill New Restaurant Where: 23, Shakhrisabz str., Tashkent
Phone: +99890 977-71-16
Guests of this restaurant may try such vegetarian dishes as
- tomato cream soup, vegetable cream soup, minestrone;
- spaghetti aglio olio (spaghetti with garlic and oil);
- grilled vegetables, potatoes with rosemary, and aubergines with feta cheese and greens.
Sato Restaurant Where: 18, A. Kakhhar str., Tashkent
Phone: +99871 150-06-60, +99871 150-99-49
Sato, another restaurant of Caravan Group located next to Caravan restaurant, offers the same vegetarian menu as the Caravan restaurant.